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Hey! Welcome to Snapback Tiara. So glad you could join us on our first venture.
Our founder Cherie Chase had the first inklings of a clothing line back in 2013. The name Snapback
Tiara was an offhand joke a friend made but something about the two
words together stuck with her and as she became more comfortable with her sexuality she
developed this apparel line which is combination of the masculine and the feminine.
Ask any queer woman about her personal style and find diverse answer every time. We are a bit of
both and sometimes we lean more to one side than the other.
It is our endeavor to bring a sense of positivity to our designs. You won’t find any statements pieces
here. We do not believe that there is no longer any work to be done in terms
of politics and media representation. Not when our queer brothers and sisters from around the
world are still suffering persecution for loving who they love. We believe there
is a time to take enjoyment in who we are, that there is a time to put down our armor and just be.
We need positivity now more than ever!
It is our goal
to provide our fellow queer sisters and siblings with bright and happy apparel designs
that encourage and uplift.
Look good, feel good.